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Wood With A Past in Ohio

Wood With A Past (STORY)

My name is Allen Miller and I am truly honored and appreciative of you taking the time to look through my web-site! The wood products that you will find here come from barns and structures that were built many years ago and anyone driving by them would have thought their work was done. Oh but not so fast, this wood has just been well aged and the true beauty is now ready to shine! All of these various woods have a story and my goal is to help tell it. That’s where Wood With A Past comes in.

To get right down to it there are several reasons I am attracted to the reclaimed wood product business. Number one is the the recycle, reuse side of this wood. It is important to my wife and I to reuse and recycle as many products in our home as possible, in order to pass a sustainable lifestyle on to our children. I absolutely love the process of seeing wood coming from a falling down old structure to a beautifully finished floor or mantle or any of the other products we offer. It is my goal to help this awesome product get out to a broader market, all the way from Amish country Ohio. Wood With A Past offers a great one of a kind product, every piece is unique and there are no two pieces exactly the same. Of course it also helps reduce waste and keeps this wood out of landfills.

This product relates well to my view on life: I love knowing that I can always start over and get a fresh new look. A brand new start in life in any moment that I am given. I can use the present moment as an opportunity to make a difference!

Consider Wood With A Past a conversation piece for years to come! We do our best to pass along pictures and comments from the barn’s owner to give you a feel for what the life of the structure used to be. We intend to give you, our customers, the highest quality wood products for your particular project as well as passing along as much of the story of the barn as possible.

All our reclaimed wood products are produced in Holmes and surrounding counties in Ohio. Wood With A Past is a way to help a locally produced product find life anywhere in this wonderful world! These products are handcrafted locally by Amish carpenters. I know it's a competitive product and it's not the only one on the market, but my goal and my plan is to make your Wood With A Past purchase an experience that you will enjoy. My hope is for you to know our woods past and I hope you will send pictures and share the plan for it’s future! Whether this wood finds it’s next place in your home or business. I truly believe it will stands it’s test in time.

My background

I grew up Amish in Holmes County, Ohio on my family’s 120 acre farm. A lot of my time was spent in our massive old barn. I helped milk cows all year long and learned to unload hay, straw, and corn to stock the barn for winter, and then plant the seeds again in the spring. I was the eighth of nine children and had no shortage of companions to get into mischief with, especially when you add in my cousins! Our barn was where we played tag, hide and go seek, or jumped into straw piles when dared to. At the end of the day we faced the dreaded chores, these included using a pitchfork to toss hay and straw down through a opening in the barn floor to the animals below. Occasionally my younger brother and I sat and ate our chore time snacks up on the straw pile until our older brother came and ‘motivated’ us. We had cows, horses, sheep, goats, cats, dogs, pigs, and chickens who made their home in the barn. I can only imagine the stories that barn could tell if it were given the opportunity. I truly do appreciate all that I have learned in this environment, even though i’m not Amish anymore, the work ethic and integrity of the Amish will be with me forever.

Starting at nineteen years old I bought my brothers pole barn building business and I have been self employed since then. I started working with families to build custom homes in my mid twenties and enjoyed offering suggestions on their home layouts, as well as cabinets, trim colors, and flooring. My crew framed the homes and completed the finish carpentry. I know a really unique and long lasting product when i see one! I hope you do too. So please contact me with any questions that you may have. I hope to talk to you soon!
- Allen Miller