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A Storefront / Showroom Coming Soon!

Posted by Allen Miller on

One thing about being a business owner is you always have to be prepared to grow and to stretch. We are always trying to look around the corner to see how we can better serve our customers. After much consideration and some wise counsel we have decided the next step for our company is to open a retail store.

Our goal is to be open by September 1, 2017. We have searched around, looking for the ideal spot for our storefront and a place became available recently in Millersburg, Ohio which we have decided to take advantage of. We will be located on the corner of Jackson St and Washington St. We are excited to be neighbors to so many wonderful businesses. It's a very nice location for our customers, they can make a day of it and shop other interesting stores.

Wood With a Past retail store and showroom will be a link between our customer’s dreams and Amish artisan’s handcrafted work and designs.

As amazing as an online store can be there are those times when a person wants to feel the product and see with their own eyes what the quality is like before making an important purchase like our products tend to be. Not only do we have standard pieces and sizes but we also do custom work.

In our community we have many talented artisans and hand-craftsmen. Many of them being Amish. The Amish do not have internet easily available to them so marketing their designs isn't as simple as it is for those of us with internet access readily available.

We've been selective and have handpick the top artisans within the community to showcase their products on our website and within our store. By partnering with the most talented in our community we are able to provide a top quality product that gets the customer what they want and helps our partners get more products out through an avenue not always available to them.

Our storefront will be a place where an interior decorator or designer can bring their clients and show them exactly what reclaimed wood is and what we can do with it. Our store will be for those who want to walk in and browse, or dream and design a custom piece. 

The space is roughly 1,000 square ft and we will have an active workshop in the back where I (Allen) will get to be creative myself. I have many years of experience working with wood products and am looking forward to tinkering around in my wood shop creating accent pieces for our customers. I find working with wood is both therapeutic and fulfilling. 

Providing education and showing the quality of our products within our storefront is on top of our to do list. For example, Chip and Joanna Gaines from the Fixer Upper show have made ship-lap popular, but what is ship-lap really? Are you familiar with tongue and groove? We will be able to provide our customers with clear definitions and examples within our beautiful displays.

In our displays we will showcase barn doors, flooring, hardware and much more. Each item on our displays will tie in with our reclaimed wood and will provide our customers with everything they need for that farmhouse feel which so many folks are going for these days.

Here at Wood With A Past we are in a period of dreaming and working out those dreams to be tangible displays for our loyal and new customers alike. It is an exciting time for our company and we look forward to serving our customers in this new capacity very soon. 

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