A Desk from Reclaimed Wood
is Functional and Beautiful

Desk From Reclaimed wood - The Perfect Addition

It’s no secret the world has essentially changed overnight. For those who are working remotely, what used to be hour long commutes in and out the city each day have turned into a two minutes walk to the home office. Meetings are virtual now, and even those who never really embraced technology can lead a Zoom call with ease. So much has changed in our routines and workspace, and people are quickly realizing their home office needs a major upgrade. What’s the best way to achieve this goal? A desk from reclaimed wood.

Functionality at Its best

After just a few days of working from home, many people realize how inefficient their home office is.  Small monitors, old equipment, a printer that says it is almost out of black ink even when you just put in a new cartridge  – it’s all frustrating.  But, just like your bed in your bedroom (another great upgrade you can read more about here), your desk is at the center of it all in your office.

Like any room, there is no “one size fits all” answer.  Your home is unique, unlike any other out there.  Given the amount of time now spent at home in the office, your desk should be custom tailored to fit your exact needs. 

That’s where we come in.

Reclaimed Wood Desk

Desk From Reclaimed Wood

An addition that's functional and beautiful

You're spending more time than ever in your home office. You deserve to love ever minute of your workday with a desk from reclaimed wood.

Out of the box options just can't cut it

With online shopping and big box office store retailers, there is an endless supply of cookie cutter desk options on the market.  Regardless of where you purchase one of these desks, you’ll quickly realize they all have similar issues.  Some more common problems are:

  1. Mass Produced Desks are Poorly Made. Unlike when a desk is made from reclaimed wood, a store bought desk is not made to last.  A “Wooden” desk is often made from many other synthetic materials instead of wood.  Press particle board covered with a thin wood veneer is generally best case scenario.  Why does this matter?  Desks made from pressed wood and particle board with faux finishes wear down quickly with regular use, and cannot be refinished.  A desk from reclaimed wood will last a lifetime.
  2. Self Assembly is Frustrating. Most store bought desks require assembly when you get them home.  Hundreds of tiny pieces and poorly written instructions are the norm, with most of the desks coming from overseas.  Missing parts are common, which often require a trip back to the store.  Worse yet, many times you have to wait for the missing parts to be shipped to you, causing a massive delay in your office set up.  Our desks from reclaimed wood are made to order for you, and set up in your office.
  3. Store Bought Desks are Not Functional. If you look past the quality and frustrating assembly, the fact of the matter is most. store bought desks are surprisingly not functional.  From drawers in odd places, to cubbies you don’t need, store bought options are just inefficient.  When you work with Wood with a Past, we custom design your desk to meet your exact needs so you know it will be the perfect fit for your space, and perform to your expectations.
Heirloom Quality You & Your Family Will Love

As we mentioned before, times have changed and so has the dynamic of our family relationships.  Parents are doubling as teachers, and children need a place to focus on their studies.  As a parent, whether you realize it or not, the memory of helping your child with school lessons, or figuring out that tough math problem will last a lifetime.

Our reclaimed wood desks also last a lifetime.  In fact, they last several lifetimes.  When your children grow up and have a family of their own, they’ll look back on the time you spent with them at your desk, investing in their future.  Like other pieces of reclaimed wood furniture, you office desk will become a fammily heirloom for generations to come.

Reclaimed Wood Desk with Drawer
Reclaimed Wood
One of a Kind Artisan craftsmanship

Every piece of furniture we make is custom made, to order, and meets your exact specifications.  Our local Amish craftsmen have been creating these stunning furniture pieces for generations, paying attention to the smallest of details.  Your desk will truly be unique, with no other like it anywhere in the world.

When you purchase a desk from reclaimed wood you’re also supporting our local craftsman, and in turn their families.  You’re buying a quality of craftsmanship that simply can never be replicated by any machine that mass produces furniture or any kind. 


A Desk From Reclaimed Wood is the Answer You've Been Looking For

Working situations for many have changed, and likely will never be the same again.  With companies learning they can still effectively manage a team remotely without the overhead of an office, many people may end up working from home indefinitely.  There has never been a better time to invest in a custom built desk from reclaimed wood.  You’ll get the functionality you need and a beautiful, one of a kind piece that will be in your family for years to come.  Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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