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Furniture from Barn Wood

Furniture From Barnwood - A Whole New Look

In recent months, many of us have been spending a lot more time in our homes.  In fact, homes have become far more than just a space to live.  They have become a workspace and the hub of many of our interactions with friends and family.  For some who are used to entertaining this may not be a huge change, but for those who do not regularly have people over, it’s a huge shift.  With so much more time spent at home these days, many people want a refreshed look for themselves and guest.   A house or apartment doesn’t really become a “home” until your personality is put into it.  There is no better way to add personality to any style home than with furniture from relaimed wood!

Your Local Resource

When you go online and search for “Reclaimed Barnwood Ohio” many options will present themselves.  Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that many of the options actually aren’t even wood, let alone true reclaimed barnwood!  Make sure to pay close attention to what you are purchasing.

True reclaimed furniture from barnwood is not something that has overnight shipping.  When you work with a local company like Wood with a Past, you new furniture is custom built to meet your exact needs.

Even if your “refresh” is more of a “remodel”, we can help!  You can learn more about our capabilities by contacting us here.

Wood with a Past

Furniture from barnwood

The perfect refresh while preserving history

Reclaimed barnwood has the unique ability to give your home a fresh new look while you help preserve a piece of our local history

How Furniture from barn wood Supports locals

Wood with a Past is a local, family run company.  Being local, we honestly believe in bettering our community while giving back.  When you purchase reclaimed barn wood furniture, you are doing just that.  You’re helping us keep our community safe and beautiful by removing old structures that no longer can be saved and rebuilt.  That wood then goes through a rigorous process which you can learn more about here, which employs locals to get the job done.

Once the wood is refined enough to work with, local artisan wood workers spend countless hours building unique, custom pieces for your home that built just for you.  No detail is overlooked and the quality of their work is unsurpassed, which leaves you with a stunning result in your home.  From a simple coffee table to a completely renovated kitchen, you’ll be amazing at the beuty in every piece. 

History in Every Board

When you purchase furniture and other items made from reclaimed barn wood, you are supporting our community in more ways than just providing jobs – you’re actually preserving history.

Each piece made from reclaimed barn wood is made up of lumber that is sometimes over one hundred years old, and has been weathered to perfection.  This character shows through in every single item we make, and no two are ever identical because of it.

Lumber Living On

Not only are you getting truly unique and custom furniture for you home, you’re helping us save a bit of our community’s history.  This lumber has lasted over a century, and deserves to live on.  Although the structure it was a part of could not be salvaged, this wood is simply too beautiful to scrap.

Additionally, you’re helping keep our community (and the world at large) just a little cleaner, and sparing the need to cut down forests for new lumber to be produced.  It’s truly a win win for everyone!

Make Your House your home with furniture from barn wood

As much as we hate to admit it sometimes, the world has changed and likely will never be the same.  We are eternally grateful to our amazing community that has helped us weather this storm so far.  We know one thing for certain – we plan to be around for the next one hundred yers, just like our barn wood!  We’re committed to giving back to our community, and making it a better place in every way we can.

Because people are spending so much time at home, it’s never been a better time for that fresh look you have always wanted.  Our homes are now truly the hub for everything, work, play, family, friends, and more.  This shift is a lot for some people, especially those who are not used to entertaining.  We can help you achieve the style you want with quality built furniture from barn wood that will last you a lifetime.  It’s time to make your house truly your home.

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