Refresh Your Bedroom
with reclaimed wood beds

Reclaimed Wood Beds - an incredibly effective refresh

Your home’s bedroom is one of the most frequently used rooms – and often the most ignored style wise.  Many homeowners feel their bedroom look too “lived” in, and rush to close the door as soon as company arrives.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  A bedroom should evoke a sense calmness and relaxation, not stress an anxiety.  What is the most impactful way to refresh your bedroom quickly?  Reclaimed wood beds check the box!

Perfect For Any Style

Regardless of your home’s style, we can help you design and build a reclaimed wood bed that will fit your style. Because all of our beds and bedroom sets are made to order, we can customize any piece to fit your exact specifications.

All of our timber is from reclaimed local structures that are sometimes hundreds of years old. This gives each piece of wood a unique look and feel than shows through on your project. No two reclaimed wood beds are alike.

Any furniture we product can be finished as you see fit. We love stains, because the wood’s natural look shows through. Paint can also look stunning, however, and is a great option when you are trying to match a newly crafted reclaimed wood bed to other items in the room.

Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Beds

A stunning way to refresh your bedroom

Regardless of your home's style, we can help you design
and build the perfect reclaimed wood bed to fit your decor.

Why Reclaimed Wood Beds are impactful

As anyone with interior decorating experience knows, you need to make a statement when you enter a room.  There is no better way to make this statement than by replacing the main focal point in a room with a stunning, one of a kind, artisan crafted item.  You see the same effect when you enter the kitchen and see the table, or the living room and see the beautifully crafted wall system or mantle.  In the bedroom, this impact is created by the bed.
Intricate designs and patterns

As we mentioned before, we can help you design and build almost anything.  One way you can make your reclaimed wood bed even more impactful is by having the wood on the headboard and footboard be arranged in a pattern.  The sky is the limit with the pattern style or intricacy you would like.  We can even help sketch up some idea to get your creativity flowing.

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Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture
Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture
Bold Colors and Simplicity

If the rest of your decor is intricate, having a patterned reclaimed wood bed may not be the best choice for you.  In this case, we’d recommend a more subdued look pattern wise, but with bold coloring, impactful coloring.  A more more simplistic design is also timeless, and looks amazing years from creation. 

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Bedroom refresh - what else to consider

Your bed is without a doubt the focal point in the room, but what about the supporting characters?  Wood with a Past can help there as well!  We can help you create matching dressers, night stands, bureaus, bookcases, and more.  No matter what you need to refresh (or let’s be honest – completely redo) your bedroom, we can help!

One more important part of the bedroom to consider in your refresh is something that would be unlikely for your guests to see – unless you really wanted to show off!  Rather, this refresh is more about helping you feel good and less stressed by being incredibly organized, while adding a custom and luxurious feel to you home.  What do we mean?  Your closet of course!  We can help you design and construct a custom closet that will make you never want to leave your bedroom. 

Wood with a Past - reclaimed wood beds

With all of us spending more time at home, having a bedroom you love has become more important now than ever.  When you refresh your bedroom you have piece of mind that one of the most important rooms in the house is ready for anything – even guests to see it!

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