Grateful for our Community, Customers, Staff, and Partners

With 2019 coming to a close, it’s a time of year to reflect.  This past year has been amazing. We have had the opportunity to work on so many fantastic projects all around the greater Columbus, Ohio area.  While thinking about the year in review, it made us consider about how lucky we are to have new clients choose our company when they are searching for “Reclaimed Wood Columbus Ohio” online.  We know there are a lot of options in the area, and we’re truly grateful for each and every client we have.

Part of the Community

We approach every client as if they are the most important because we truly believe each and everyone is.  There are a lot of great options for reclaimed wood furniture in Columbus, and it’s our job to ensure we go above an beyond for everyone who contacts us.

As a small business, we believe it’s important to become a part of the communities we serve.  This is why we opened two retail locations in the area (Powell & Hartville).  Every morning when we unlock our doors, we’re excited to meet new people and learn how we can serve them with our unique offerings and skills. 

Reclaimed Wood Columbus Ohio

Community focused

Reclaimed Wood Columbus Ohio

We love being part of the amazing Columbus Ohio community. Our retail locations are located in Powell and Hartville to better serve the area.

Reclaimed Wood Columbus Ohio
Family Owned & Operated

As we mentioned before, a lot of our customers find us by searching for “Reclaimed Wood Columbus Ohio”.  Because they are just looking online, many often do not realize we are a family owned & operated company.  Many others also may not realize how our business helps support other families in the local Amish community.

Offering hand crafted furniture from reclaimed wood, provided by our local Amish community has so many benefits.  In addition to an incredibly well constructed piece of furniture for our clients, work is being provided for a whole community.  By embracing this style craftsmanship and quality, everyone in the community wins.

Reclaimed Wood Columbus Ohio

We’re so grateful to be part of the Columbus Ohio community.  Without the incredible support of our clients over the years, we wouldn’t be able to help support the people we love so much.  Because we believe in quality and traditional craftsmanship, we proudly support our local Amish community as well.  We’re excited for 2020 and what it will bring.  What we are most excited for, however, is that you’re here with us for the journey!

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