Reclaimed Wood
Dining Table

The centerpiece of your kitchen

Although the kitchen itself is considered a gathering place, the dining room table is where it all comes together. This time with family is something that should be cherished, because in today’s busy world it’s becoming harder and harder to accomplish. Given this time is so special, you should ensure the space you share with your family is special too.  A reclaimed wood dining table is the perfect furniture piece to share a meal on.

Character where it counts

All of our reclaimed furniture pieces have a lot of character. Because we use timber from old structures that are being demolished, each reclaimed wood dining table is unique. The timber is beautifully refined to look amazing in your home, but each board’s history is preserved during the process.

We believe this character is important to show, because it embodies the uniqueness of us all. Every knot, groove, and scar is a board’s personality, telling it’s own story. When combined with other timber, it creates a perfect mixture of imperfection, much like a family.

Gather Your Family

at your reclaimed wood dining table

There is no place in the home that is quite like the dining room table. Create memories, share laughs, and enjoy the conversations.

Reclaimed Wood
perfect for any size Family

Once you have decided a reclaimed wood dining table is the right addition to your home, the possibilities become endless. Because each of our furniture pieces are made to order, we can tailor your table to the exact specifications you need. Large, small, or anything in between – we’ve got you covered.

Our furniture is heirloom quality which means it will last for generations. Because of this, when working with a new client we recommend thinking about future needs. Do you plan to grow your family? Will your home become the gathering place for everyone at the holidays? If you have the space we recommend you plan for a few more seats than you need now, you never know what the future holds! Additionally, a large dining room table is a statement piece, and looks amazing in any space.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table benefits

In addition to tailoring the size of your reclaimed wood dining table for your family, there are many other benefits to consider when you decide to enhance your dining space with custom built furniture. First and foremost is the finish. Because you can pick any type of finish or color you’d like, your table is sure to match your existing decor. We often recommend to ensure your reclaimed wood dining table matches other permanent elements of your home such as cabinet and built in wall systems. When you match your custom built furniture to more permanent aspects of your home and not other decor that may change, you’re ensuring your table will look at home for decades.

Another often overlooked benefit of purchasing a reclaimed wood dining table is right in the name – it’s reclaimed. In today’s day and age almost all products seem disposable. We believe that does not have to be – and should not be – the case when it comes to furniture in your home. When you purchase a reclaimed piece for your home, you’re helping preserve history. Incredibly durable timber that was part of antique and often iconic structures has the chance to live on. Better still, you’re helping break the cycle of “disposable”, and helping our local community thrive.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table - a timeless addition to your home

A reclaimed wood table is the perfect addition to any home. You can customize it for your specific needs, it’s incredibly durable, and you’re being a responsible consumer by purchasing a reclaimed item. More than that though, is how something as simple as a table can become the hub for your family. Memories will be made, laughter will be heard, and conversation will be started. It’s a comforting space that your family will share for years to come. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for updates on our projects, and sign up for our email list for news and updates!
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