Reclaimed Wood Furniture

A New Year, A New Home

It’s a new year and a great opportunity to start fresh.  People achieve this goal is by working on their home’s look and feel in many ways. Because organizing closets, donating clothes, and even painting are easy, home owners often start there. There are countless ways to improve your home’s look and feel.  However, one of the most impactful options is to replace worn, dated furniture.  Read on to learn more about reclaimed wood furniture in your home!

A Timeless, Unique Look

Our reclaimed barn wood furniture is constructed from hand picked timber we rescue from old homes and barns that are being demolished.  Because we are working with material that has so much history, every single item created is unique, and has its own story.

Although we can create any custom wooden item for your home, our furniture collections are focused on beautiful, functional design.  We create pieces that will look amazing in your home for years to come.  The furniture we produce for our clients looks natural with any decor style, and will outlast the trends of today – and the future.

Reclaimed Wood Desk

Love YOur Home

with Reclaimed Wood Furniture

The timeless look and quality of our furniture will have you falling love with your home again every single day.

Unsurpassed Durability

The timber that is rescued from local barns is incredibly durable. Most of the time we work with is over 100 years old.  When you partner this very durable material with expert craftsmanship, you get an incredibly long lasting piece.  Each reclaimed wood furniture item that we sell is meticulously crafted and inspected for quality.

This quality is important to us.  Our furniture is truly heirloom quality.  We only want to construct pieces that can be enjoyed for generations to come.


Reclaimed wood furniture looks amazing in any room because the possibilities are endless.  It’s a common myth that this style of furniture only looks right in a “rustic” style home.  This simply is not the case.  Because there are so many ways to construct and finish our furniture pieces, we can create items that look perfect in a modern or more traditional setting.  No matter what your style, we can help!

Although we find that new furniture to makes a huge impact on your home’s look, what if you recently refurnished? No problem. We can help give your home a whole new look with reclaimed wood accents such as beams and mantels. By adding a few tasteful pieces in key positions, you entire aesthetic can change overnight.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture - A New Look For Your Home

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life.  You should love every minute of being there because you’ve made it your own.  A great way to add your personal touch is with our built to order reclaimed wooden furniture.  With our timeless design and unsurpassed durability your family is sure to love your home for years to come!

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