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Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island - The perfect Addition

Given the current situation many people are in, the time spent at home has increased significantly.  As we discussed in pervious blogs, the home office is one of the rooms that is getting more attention because it is being used more.  The kitchen is no different – with families eating at home it can quickly become clear your kitchen is in need of a refresh.  A reclaimed wood kitchen island is a perfect place to start.  However, the kitchen itself presents many more opportunities to increase functionality and aesthetics.  Read on to learn more!

Now is the time to rennovate

The kitchen is one of the most essential areas of your home.  It’s where family gathers, homework is complete, and where you prepare food and often eat with your family.  Anytime a functional area such as you kitchen is being worked on, it can cause changes to your routine.  However, the summertime is the perfect time of year to renovate.

We can’t believe it either, but September is knocking on our door.  In the blink of an eye the holidays will be upon us, and that means entertaining!  Because many families are likely to entertain more at home now is the perfect time to update your kitchen with reclaimed wood.  not only will your functionality be improved, but your kitchen will be ready in plenty of time before your guests arrive.  

If you want to have a gorgeous space to gather and entertain for this holiday season, now is the time to act!

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood Kitchens

Much more than a reclaimed wood kitchen island

Your family deserves the best this holiday season. Entertain in style with a newly remodeled reclaimed wood kitchen and kitchen island.

Options for Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Renovations

The beauty of a custom kitchen renovation is just that – it’s custom!  There is no limit to what can be done in your space to increase its beauty and functionality.  Our expert craftsman will come out to your home and help you plan the perfect changes for you needs and budget.  There are some typical improvements we see many clients make:

  1. Floors – Reclaimed wood is a gorgeous and durable option for your kitchen.  If your renovation includes moving major components locations in the kitchen, we recommend you take the opportunity to start fresh with new flooring as well!
  2. Open Shelves – Reclaimed wood shelves are a great way to make a small space feel larger.  By removing all or some of your upper cabinets, we can help you create an airy sense when you enter the room.  It’s also a great way to display your appliances, china, and other items that are normally hidden away in cabinets.
  3. Wooden Beams and Walls – Accents can make a break the look of a room, especially in the kitchen.  Wooden accent walls and reclaimed wooden beams are a great way to tie it all together and give your space a timeless look.
  4. Reclaimed Wood Island – Your kitchen island is likely one of the most used spaces in your kitchen.  We can help you reimagine this important staple of the kitchen into something that is a statement piece while still being incredibly functional and storage friendly. 
  5. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Tables and Furniture – Your kitchen table is also incredibly important, especially if you do not have a separate dining area.  Additionally, we can help upgrade other furniture in your kitchen such as built in desks, pantries, and cabinets.
Will Reclaimed Wood Look Good in My Kitchen

Of course you know by now our answer is a resounding “Yes!”  Reclaimed wood is the perfect material to work into the kitchen.  It’s unique, durable, and matches any style decor.  Using reclaimed timber does not mean you decor needs to be rustic!  We can help you develop a look that will match the rest of your home’s decor, regardless of the style.

Reclaimed wood also does not need to be left raw.  We can finish and stain our timber in any color, tone, or style you would like.  Again, our expert craftsmen and designers will help you pick the perfect palette for your space.

Reclaimed Wood
Reclaimed Wood
One of a Kind Artisan craftsmanship

Every piece of furniture we make is custom made, to order, and meets your exact specifications.  Our local Amish craftsmen have been creating these stunning furniture pieces for generations, paying attention to the smallest of details.  From a kitchen island to a total renovation, we’re confident you’ll love the result!

When you purchase a desk from reclaimed wood you’re also supporting our local craftsman, and in turn their families.  You’re buying a quality of craftsmanship that simply can never be replicated by any machine that mass produces furniture or any kind. 


Now More than ever, you deserve this

The holiday season is quickly approaching as much as we want the time to slow down.  Given everything that has occurred this year, we feel more now than ever, this is the perfect time to come together as a family and enjoy the moment.  You and your family deserve a gorgeous, functional space to entertain in that you’ll love for years to come.  From a functional reclaimed wood kitchen island to a total renovation, we can help make your ideas become reality!

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