Reclaimed wood Walls & Accents

Reclaimed Wood Walls

Price Based on Specifications

Liven up any room with beautiful wood accents. Natural, stained, and painted options available.

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Reclaimed Wood Wall
Reclaimed Wood Wall
Reclaimed Wood Wall

Our furniture is built entirely of hardwoods, with no particle board or veneers. Wood is a natural product and can expand or contract under certain humidity conditions. The gaps between the wood leaves normally expand and contract if the humidity rises above 50% or falls below 35%. In some cases this natural expansion and contraction may actually cause the wood to split. For the first 2 years we will repair your furniture. The only cost to you will be transporting the furniture back and forth to the workshop and the cost of refinishing the wood. After 2 years we do charge a minimal amount for the repair.

Guidelines for preserving your solid wood furniture:

  • Keep the humidity in your home between 35% – 50%

  • Keep your solid wood furniture away from direct sources of heating or cooling, such as right next to a window or heating duct. Direct sunlight can also damage the finish.

When cared for properly, your solid wood furniture will retain its timeless beauty and be treasured for generations.

Barnwood is the most eco-friendly of hardwood options. The lumber is 100% reclaimed solid oak, sourced from barns in rural US. During the cleaning and drying process any nails are removed, and the wood is kiln-dried to 7% moisture. The kiln drying exterminates any bugs and prepares the lumber for being used as handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture. The process of reclaiming barnwood is an excellent green way to preserve the old and vintage and give the precious natural resource – wood – a second life.


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