The Process of
Reclaiming Wood

What is reclaimed wood

Simply put, reclaiming wood gives a new life to lumber and other material that otherwise would be discarded. Reclaimed wood is often referred to as “salvaged wood” or “recycled wood”.  There are many benefits to reclaiming wood to be used in new projects which we discussed in this article. As you’ll see, there are several benefits to reclaiming barnwood which go beyond environmental reasons. In addition to saving space at landfills and saving tress, this wood also is hardened and durable. This makes it excellent to work with when compared to virgin timber.

Sources for Reclaiming Wood

Reclaimed wood can actually come from many different places. Since we are located in Ohio, there is n shortage of old barns and structures that need to be taken down.  When a building is not structurally sound anymore and cannot be rescued, that’s where we come in!  We meticulously disassemble the structure piece by piece, making sure to preserve as much timber as possible.

The reclaimed wood comes in the form of planks from the walls, beautifully aged beams from the framing, and other forms that are unique to each project site. We even can rescue old wooden flooring from a structure to repurpose in a home or a business!

Other Sources

Although we generally work with structures such as barns and old buildings, reclaimed wood can come from other areas as well. Other popular ways to begin reclaiming wood is to salvage old pallets and other shipping materials such as crates.

Sliding Barn Do

saving our history

by reclaiming wood for artisan furniture pieces

We are involved in every step of the reclaiming process - from dismantling barns to delivering furniture. This allows us to use the best quality materials that will help your piece last for generations.

Reclaiming Wood
getting ready for use
Once all of the usable lumber has been salvaged from the site, it is then transported back to a facility to be sorted.  When sorting lumber, it is generally divided into three categories: low, middle, and high grade. Low grade material is too far gone to repurpose into a new item, but still can be used for firewood or even biofuel. Middle grade lumber is sturdy, but isn’t right for reclaimed projects. Often times this type of lumber becomes used for pallets. Only the high grade material then goes though a more in depth reclaiming process.

Reclaiming Wood - a thorough process

It’s a common myth that once wood is rescued from a barn or other structure, it is then directly made into reclaimed wood furniture.  Although we wish it were that easy, there is a lot more that goes into reclaiming wood than simply rescuing it from an old structure! Once the wood has been determined to be high enough grade to work with, the real process beings. First, the lumber is dried in an industrial kiln. This part of the process is crucial for many reasons. By drying the wood, it actually stabilizes and hardens the wood even further. This is important to ensure the wood is durable enough to work with and last a lifetime.  This drying process also kills and bacteria, fungi, or bugs that may be living in or on the wood.  Because in most cases the wood has been exposed to the elements for so long, it’s easy for organisms to take up residence until we salvage the pieces. After the wood is dried and treated, the milling process begins. Depending on the type and size of the wood that is being worked with, this process may be completed by in house machinery, or even by hand with a lathe. The purpose of this step in the process of reclaiming wood is to smooth down rough and damaged exterior pieces and reveal the beautiful timber that is trapped inside. Once the wood is refined enough it’s ready to start it’s new life!
reclaimed wood bedroom furniture

From the Barn to your home

After the lumber is milled, the fun starts! This is when our Artisan Craftsmen can begin using the reclaimed wood to create stunning, one of a kind furniture and home decor items. Bascially, if you can think it, we can make! Most often our projects including furniture construction, mantel and beam installations, and flooring installation.

We embrace the uniqueness of ever piece of wood we save through our reclaiming process. This uniqueness allows us to create a truly amazing and one of kind result for your project, large or small.

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