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Sliding Barn doors

Sliding Barn Doors - Perfect for Any Stlye

Every home’s decor is unique and has certain “pops” of personality.  Over the years trends come and go, but one has remained constant – reclaimed wood accents.  If you would like to learn more about the reclaimed wood process, check out our article from last month. Finding the correct focal pieces can be a challenge, but we can help save you time; sliding barn doors look perfect in almost any home

Custom options all of the time

Our sliding barn doors are truly one of a kind, built just for you.  Unlike like other options on the market, our doors are built by local Amish artisans with reclaimed wood from barns and other structures throughout Ohio.  No new lumber is used when building our sliding barn doors.

Because we are building your barn doors custom just for you, we can tailor them to your specific needs.  This includes the overall door design itself, the hardware, and the finish.  The final door can be painted or stained depending on what will match your home or business better. 

We also help with installation if you are local to the greater Columbus, Ohio area.  If not, we can arrange to have your barn doors shipped to you anywhere in the country.

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn Doors

The perfect addition to any room

From industrial to modern styling, we can help design the perfect reclaimed wood sliding barn door for your home or business.

Hardware Options

As we mentioned before, when you order a sliding barn door from one of our two locations, you are in complete control of the entire process.  No need to worry though, one of our expert team members will be there to guide you through everything, and make suggestions based on your goals.  One area we can really help in is finding the perfect hardware to match your look.  There are hundreds of variations available, and we’ll help you find the perfect fit.

Barn Door Hardware Set
Sliding Barn Doors
Sliding Barn Doors

Examples of Barn Doors

Here are some of our more popular designs from projects we have worked on in the past.  Remember each sliding barn door is made to order with reclaimed wood, so each door is completely unique.  We do have the ability to add other accents to barn doors such as glass and metal accents.

Reclaimed Wood Doors
Reclaimed Wood Doors
Reclaimed Wood Doors

Other Areas To use Barn Doors

Because reclaimed wood looks so stunning, we think it should be front and center in your home!  What better place to do this than your front door?  Although not sliding, we do have the ability to craft you a gorgeous front door made from reclaimed wood.  Additionally, adding some reclaimed wood accents on the exterior of you home can make a nice accent as well.  This way your guests are introduced to the wood accents as they enter, and also see them throughout your home in the form of sliding barn doorrs

Wood with a Past

There are few things we love more than crafting an amazing, custom built sliding barn door.  Because all of the timber we use is reclaimed, no two are ever quite alike.  Knowing that our customers are helping a piece of local history live on in their homes is truly special to us.

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